Hydrogen XII
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A Tribute to the French Pioneer

Childhood is a time steeped in influences. I don't know where my passion for synthesizers came from, but Jarre and Vangelis were certainly around when it happened. Jarre I remember for his plethora of electronic sounds, and Vangelis for his musicality. Following my tribute to Vangelis, Slow Motion, comes the Jean-Michel Jarre counterpart - Hydrogen XII.

Jarre fans will likely recognize the multiple references to the Oxygen album: the title, the background image, and, of course, the sounds. With this soundscape, we are reaching the limits of myNoise. The audio engine on myNoise was never intended to play synchronized tracks, which means that they can get out of sync after a while. Still, it was dear to me to feature the sounds of one of my heroes, on this site. Who hasn't dreamed of being able to mix the different tracks of a song independently? Now, on myNoise, you can enjoy playing with the individual track balance.

Don't forget to add some motion to this generator with the slider animation, set to Extreme. This setting will turn tracks on and off randomly to reveal unique combinations over time. Alternatively, you can click here to reload the page with the slider animation running.

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  I feel like I'm walking through a sci-fi city and listening to all the ambient building noises and everything. Best with slider animation, set it to extreme.

  This is truly amazing. It is the best of the noise things (in my opinion, of course), and I'm probably gonna donate because of this! Thanks for the amazing things like this!

  The absolute perfect combination of funk and retro-esque space vibes. Every slider adds something special and chaotic to the atmosphere so it never feels monotonous or boring. Thank you for this generator!

  This one just gives me some nostalgia. I love it!

  Tropical paradise on another planet.

  Decades ago I loved Oxygen. Now I love Hydrogen. After all, water is the essence of life.

  I love this one combined with Warp Speed! It makes me feel like I'm starting my very own intergalactic adventure.

  This is by far my favourite combination, love those sound fx!

  This felt like the welcoming music to Andromeda international space station. Very surreal and peaceful.

  This sounds so windy and eerie so it may be absolute perfect to join with Black Hole or Saturn Ring selected combo. I love this one, but the problem is-within this site there are so perfect generators, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick single best one! All of them, while I'm listening are PERFECT! Just using this for one mood, another one for another mood, and voila-my life is better + work is easier!

  I love this one but sometimes wish I could slow it down. It's great for canceling voices though!

  I love this combined with Neural Symphony.

  Sometimes, what you need is music without the drums

  This makes me think of those late-90s planetarium shows. There's an IMAX theater on top of the Orlando Science Center that used to (and may still) show a Hubble view of the universe. This sound, to me, promotes that same feeling of infinitesimal smallness - comforting, but melancholy at the same time.

  This is really interesting mixed with Orchestron!

  This together with Northern Lights, my favorite out of all the drones here, is just BEAUTIFUL.

  Sometimes, no music can calm the agitation associated with not being able to focus on my work, but this website is always here for me - by putting it on when I'm so stressed one wrong music note puts me in a spiral, I suspect I've conditioned myself to associate these fantastic generators with the happiness of finally getting things done! Mmmmm. The sweet, never-ending sound of success.

  Doctor Pigeon, your calculations were perfect, we have attained orbit above Planet Jarre! We salute you!

  A pleasant mix of Tron and Stranger Things going on with this track. Awesome to use for studying!

  Not sure why, but this soundscape reminds me of "Take On Me." It feels very 80s.

  I instantly fell in love with this. It was like playing an old videogame or watching one of my favorite cartoons as a kid.

  Simply WOW. Was listening to JMJ a lot as a kid myself, this creates exactly the same space feeling. Impressive!

  What a fun and versatile generator! I think this setting (on animate) has a bit of a reggae vibe to it and makes me feel happy & motivated. If I could only tear myself away from playing with it, I bet I'd have my entire house cleaned up by now, haha :)

  Divinely chaotic and relaxing at the same time. I have been listening to this setting for 4 minutes and I know this is going to be one of my absolute favorites.

  I have been listening to this for hours. Love it. Gets me in the zone to get work done. Thank you so much!!!

  Ah! This is splendid! My ADHD thanks you :D

  Just the synth voice on its own creates an eerie, lonely atmosphere, transforming this gen into something entirely different. Good stuff.

  Sounds like it could be in a video game that takes place on a spaceship!

  Astounding! What a fantastic reimagining. I'm loving this series.

  I love this so much already! It has kind of a cyberpunk feel to it. Awesome!

  Thank you for the Surprise! option found among the slider settings. It makes me want to go to space.

  This is a really good electronic generator. Total Oxygene feels from this. Adding some of the pops and beats up, tuned to A, sounds like the intro to a new remix of the Oxygene album. Brilliant!

  I couldn't help but smile broadly when I heard the first few notes from this generator. Perfectly captures the feeling.

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