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October's Veil
Inspirational Soundscape
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This soundscape - a composite made from existing stems - is brought to you by Michael Warner, a patron of this website addicted to the myNoise Community section. Michael writes:

October, when the veil of life and death are the thinnest, allows the living to glimpse at past judgments and recollections of our ancestors. A hallmark of Fall: with Summer—s bounty received and prices paid, comes lessons learned for the following year.

Sound generators on myNoise have been intentionally designed to mix well together. Therefore, it is no surprise - to me at least - that combining stems from myNoise sound so good. From time to time though, I am amazed by a combination that I would not have imagined. When users astound me, their soundscapes deserve an entry on the main index page! Here with Michael's October's Veil. Last October, the veil of life and death was the thinnest for me indeed, with the loss of my father. Michael's composition therefore resonated even more with me.

Published on November 22nd, 2021

User Stories

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  Strangely enough, this reminds me of Echo. Out of curiosity, I decided to mix in some sounds from the Poltergeist soundscape and it added the paranormal edge of Echo that I remember!

  Some of my favourite stems in here - collected in a terrific way. Moving directionless through an alien glacier during a time of day I'd never been awake during before now. Contemplative in a melancholic dystopian way; shades of wandering a deserted city while immersed in Half Life 2 back in the day. Incredible calming. Thank you!

  Wonderful, I got hooked up after only few seconds of listening. It reminds me of the soundscapes of Horizon Zero Dawn. Thanks!

  October's Veil combines nicely with Beatae Memoriae.

  I re4cognise some of these elements as favorites of mine already. This is a thoughtful blend. Thank you.

  This is WONDERFUL! Thank you myNoise! -MW

  This sounds so haunting. Give it a try if you want to travel to new universe.

  I love it with animation on dp - it's super calming. It's like walking through a forest with ground fog. And you can see the dew drops on cobwebs.

  Combination of the best.

  This is gen is up there with Imaginary Reality. I could live in this atmosphere for ages, and probably will. Well done!

  Sheer Half-Life 2 vibes!

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