Heavens Sorrow
Contemplative Soundscape
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Meditation Bell

The Church, the Storm and the Traveler

You took refuge in an old church, waiting for the storm to pass. But the storm has passed now, and you are still there, absorbed by the spirituality of the place. Time stands still.

This composite generator relies on other myNoise generators' stems. It showcases how one can create new soundscapes by combining audio elements found in others. Read the side column below to learn how to create your own custom generators!

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  This is beautiful.

  Rain seeps through your clothing, the cold burrowing itself deep in your bones and for a moment you wonder if this is how they feel; these long forgotten remnants that were locked away, deep down in the catacombs of this abandoned church. You feel them watching you through hollowed sockets, polished bones and granite angels both keeping vigil to the sound of the whispering walls.

  This actually makes me think the church is a facade, and it's hiding something much darker. The traveler discovered it, and is now a prisoner there...

  Wow you left me speechless, especially the description which you wrote. Chills! And bliss!

  This is such a cool gen! Every time I shuffle I get something that absolutely rules. It'll also work wonderfully for D&D ambiance :)

  I have tried much to make a composite generator ... seems like I don't get the hang of it ... but this one ... it's just too good .... so soothing and relaxing ...

  The demon dispatched, Sam and Dean have given chase to the others. Within the church the only things that remain are the protective circle scrawled on the floor and the scorched silhouette of the angel's outstretched wings. Inside the circle we must dwell until sunrise.

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