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Design Your Own Soundscapes!

You've asked for it, we finally made it! You are now able to collect individual stems while browing myNoise for sounds. Once ten stems have been collected, turn these into a custom generator, and name it. Save its URL for later use, or to share it with other users. You can even publish it in the section below.

These custom sounds are for strict personal use and are protected by copyright - see terms of use.

User Contributions ... publish yours here.

Still Imagine a motionless state where a second is an eternity.

Distancing This is a suspenseful, disturbing track. It is perfect for an INTENSE chase scene in a film.

Surrealist Relaxation Sometimes you can't relax, sometimes you can when you hear this.

Marine Monster Sounds evocating a tender Marine Monster.

Computer Dream In the digital world, a dream is music...

Lydia Stargazing Your friends are asleep in the cave behind you, warmed by the fire you lit earlier. You're on watch, but there's no danger. The bells of Ravenshead still chime distantly in the valley, lifted on the wind. The ground is dusted in snow, but as the clouds clear, the sky shows you its lights. The constellations seem like family to you, but one star seems out of place, almost as though it sees you...

Vocal Atmosphere A collection of varied vocals from various generators, plus a few instruments, that combine into a soothing, vaguely musical atmosphere.

Dreams in time out of mind Exhausted you fall. Half asleep. Half awake. Your journey ends.

Medieval Church Service It's time for Vespers. You find peace among the burning torches and whispered prayers, as you ask God to bless the spouse and young children kneeling at your side.

The Rainslick Starship You thrust into the Everstorm Quadrant aboard your trusty starship. This place is a mysterious land of lights and anticipation, with its impossible unyielding galactic rainstorms being just a small reflection of what secrets lie within this dangerous domain. Are you sure you want to go further?

Girl in the Shower You can hear the deep rumbles and swishes of the tub filling from your room. She flicks the water playfully and starts to sing a lovely haunting tune that reverberates beyond the bathroom walls. She turns on the shower and it patters against the shower curtain. The water drips on the floor and you don't even care.

The Planetarium A visit to the planetarium. Gentle, spacey music, a speaker, and a hushed audience. Tune in and space out.

Exploring in the Rain You're being chased in a storm. Someone has you in their sights. Will you escape their clutches? Or will they catch you?

Sunday Night, Third Floor Laundry Room I'm staying in the dorms during summer break. There aren't many students around; definitely not at night. I walk through the labyrinth of hallways to the very last room. The scent of cheap detergent makes my head feel fuzzy. The fluorescent lights cast a hazy glow. I'm alone, but as I feel goosebumps form on my skin (how can it be so cold in the summer?), I swear I can hear someone else.

("game/reality") The cruelest revelation: a life forever trapped in the confines of a game, cognizant of the truth, fighting to change an already scripted fate. A place where non-existence may be better than the nightmarish truth. Inspired by Dan's Salvato's graphic novel, Doki Doki Literature Club.

XM Somehow the Yakutian Voice seems off track, but it also makes this Gen confusing and calming at the same time.

Encounter at the Blacksmith A wandering pilgrim hears the furious hammering and forging of a nearby blacksmith. He decides to take a closer look and walks the path down to the old watermill. Will this encounter intertwine the fates of these two?

Cold outside, warm inside Wet snow beats on the roof, and snow drifts down from the eaves of your cabin. But it's warm inside by the fire.

Angels and Demons Battle on a cosmic scale. The end times have come. Who will prevail? The forces of light fight for life. The forces of darkness fight for destruction. In this generator, an eternal stalemate trancsends all.

Generational Travel This ship has been flying in one direction for 300 years. You're perched on a carefully cultivated oak tree above the main transport deck, trying to take a brief nap before your break ends. You can hear shuttles landing and taking off in the main expanse, which intermittently drowns almost everything out—except for the constant deep bloodflow of the massive engines working tirelessly below it all.

Hang Meditation Beautiful hang drum melody with a couple of odd piano tones and two female vocals gently merging together, while soft wind from the sea carries your stress away...

Rainy Lake Campsite Last year, I went camping with a friend up near a frog-filled lake. When the weather threatened to turn inclement, we strung a tarp over much of our campsite. I still remember sitting in the growing dark, the rain splattering on our covering above us while a small campfire crackled away.

The Captain's Widow A storm is rolling into the village soon, but we can still here her up on the cliffs, singing mournfully for her Tatania. Everything warns to go inside: the distant church bell, the panicking gulls, the threatening roil of thunder itself, but still she sings.

Hold Your Breath You are eight years old. Even though it is against the rules, you are running the bathtub faucet and shower at the same time so you can suspend yourself underwater and hear the drops falling from the inside. Your mother's voice on the phone in the distance is muffled by the ringing thunk of waves against porcelain.

A Mattress of Pine Needles You've finally settled down for the night, spooning the small campfire at a safe distance. Dry, crackling pine wood nearly masks the gentle clap of waves against the shore. Your tent is set up and ready to go, canvas gently buffeting against the lake breeze, but it feels peaceful to lay here just a moment longer, suspended in time by fireglow and loon-song.

Maximum Cozy You are in a cozy cabin in front of a cheerfully crackling fire, listening to the rain drum gently on the roof. On your lap is a sleeping cat. (Mostly low tones other than some fire crackles, for a gentle meditative drone.)

Focus, naturally It's raining again... In the distance I can hear the thunder, and every now and then the wind is howling around my house. The combination of wind, rain and thunder makes me grateful for the roof over my head... I feel safe and warm, cosy in my own cocoon. The noises from outside are calming and soothing... perfect for sipping a hot drink, reading, writing, drawing and studying...

This Train You're on this train. You're in this car. As you ride in this train you watch. You watch the stars. You watch the rolling hills. You huddle into the corner of this car on this train. The wind whips your hair across your face and you feel the night chill. You're in this car. You're on this train.

Arrival at Attledale Inn You've been following the road for days. Your feet are beginning to ache when you see a sign painted with the words "Attledale Inn." You follow it until you come to a majestic old house. Inside, you are awed by the bookshelves lining the walls. The innkeeper invites you to sit by the fire. You pick a thick volume and settle in. There are many wonders here. You are sure you will find them all.

Forbidden Forest You raise your torch higher. You can't shake the feeling that someone - or something - is watching you. Gargantuan trees surround you. A small stream runs to your left. It should feel magical - but that strange feeling of not being alone won't go away. You turn around - and what you see sends chills down your spine.

Magical Battle Magical spells, exploding fireballs, splashing potions and ominiouos invocations. Can mere humans win in a battle against the ancient and arcane powers?

Viking's Voyage Join Vikings on their long voyage across the sea, humming folk songs to keep time with every stroke.

Realm of Madness Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Gaze into the hideous, interminable abyss between dimensions - that terrible black infinity from which the Old Ones hail.

All You Bass Are Belong To Us My hearing is far too sensitive to higher pitched sounds, so I set out to make the ultimate bass drone. This is what happened.

Riven You find a strange and old-looking book, opening the cover to see a moving picture of an unfamiliar world. You touch the image in awe, being transported to the alien land contained within the book's many pages. (Inspired by its namesake, Riven. Am I making too many of these? Maybe. Am I going to use them all? Definitely.)

Vampire Sanctuary You have stolen into the sanctuary below the city to evade the Serafan, your weary nerves calmed by the sounds of a distant organ and fire. Their leader seems to have drank his fill; and offering you respite... For now. (Inspired by Legacy of Kain.)

Silent Hill Not for relaxation, unless you're a crazy person like me. This is a fairly unsettling Silent Hill inspired soundscape. Contains dungchen, steel mill, sweep noise and audio jammer.

Dark Just a little soundscape to capture the show's ambiance while we wait for season 2 of Dark :)

Ancient Ritual You are walking through the woods when everything goes quiet. A soft, continuous ringing fills the air, followed by haunting flutes. Someone is whispering while others chant quietly. The sound of spinning fire and strange birds floats among the trees. You creep away softly. Best not to disturb those who summon the dark.

Redwall Gatekeeper's House You sit in the gatekeeper and recorder's quarters at Redwall Abbey. The kindly mouse has offered you tea. As you sit listening to the spring storm brewing outside, the turning of pages relaxes you. It complements the crackling fire he's built. It's cosy in here. As the first of the rain rolls over the roof, you sip your tea and smile. This is home.

Megillot: Passover - Song of Songs As spring unfolds, the Shulamite and her beloved shepherd find in each other's love a return to Eden. "To love as they do is to enter a garden and be satiated with its abundant fruit and fragrant perfumes. It is to taste again the unalloyed goodness of the gift once given." - Five Festal Garments by Barry G Webb

Finding Nemo This generator feels a lot like the background noise in Finding Nemo. The sound of water beneath the surface, gentle waves rhythmically lapping the shore, dolphins chatting in the distance, and a drone humming simple tones that tie everything together.

Sekundene før du dør You want to die. You are centuries old: breaths and movement taking the energy of a thousand, all creaking joints and crying muscles. Senses die as nerves collapse under the weight of living, following the path higher thought took long ago into your mother tongue — og du er døende, døende! Stillhet, fredelig stillhet svelger alt. |With love from Norway.|

Fading Echoes You wander amongst clusters of oddly-twisted tombstones sprouting from the ground in clusters, broken sections of iron fencing jutting up from seemingly random gaps between. The entire area is cloaked in a dim pall from the stormy sky above, and shrouded by the sounds of rolling thunder, the calls of ominous birds, and the fading echoes of a bell from some tower unseen.

Quiet Study The fire roars in the hearth as you read a book by the window, the first hints of a storm rolling across the horizon outside.

Summer Camping Jam and Chill Your group of friends have come down to chill next to the lakeside for the summer night. A couple of them pull out guitars to just strum together as the rest of you chat among yourselves. A cold beer in your hand, a good friend by your side. All is good.

IceDrone Glaciers sending out messages to the world.

Abandoned Space Station A station floats in the farthest reaches of the Solar System. Communications went dark months ago. Now your crew has arrived to investigate. What will you find?

Voices Voices and duduk. Enjoy!

Feel like dancing If you like dancing.... with a little additional magic.

Monks in Space A group of questing Buddhist astronauts set forth to find a new planet of peace...

Rhythmnosis You are not the traveler, you are the journey.

The magic-touched wood The chimes hanging in the trees are what drew you, and the spot's deal location was what made you stay for the night. Your party has fun while you relax by the stream, just at the fire's edge. The full moon's glow illuminates the pastel forest, and the girls' songs almost makes you feel dozy until you remember that the more chaotic of them is practicing her fire magic not ten feet away.

Nightly A quiet night. The crickets are singing, you can also hear an owl just behind the window. It's raining but don't worry, you're inside the house and the fireplace is on. There are other people with you there. Some are chatting quietly, almost whispering. Someone is eating a late dinner. Someone is walking around, deep in thoughts. You are safe. The enchanting humming voices cast warding spells.

Find Peace Here Singing bowls, crickets, a soft piano and gentle tones. This will take you to a peaceful mindscape where you can collect yourself after a rough day. No harsh noises.

SeaZen Being an Aquarius I love the water, be it rain, streams, the waves rolling in or even the shower. For me it's the ultimate combination of clearing my mind, regaining focus and blocking noise. Nothing like a stroll on the beach, listening to the waves, feeling the water and sand beneath my feet, smelling the salty air, watching the water coming and going... SeaZen!

Empty Mind This is the emptiness of the mind, full of confusion, hypnotics and horrors

The House in Autumn The house has been abandoned for a hundred years or more. Autumn leaves swirl around as crows peer inward at you. You have your trusty pocket watch to keep you company. Thunder mumbles in the distance. The broken window panes crunch underfoot as you make your way to the library. You find some tomes, sealed in crates and boxes, that have survived. You wander around, reading the forgotten lore.

Campcore A weekend get-together with friends and family in the forest; a busy day turns into a night by the campfire, exchanging stories and basking in each others' presence.

Elsewhere You find a bright courtyard in the center of a nightmare. This place feels safe, but you cannot help the feeling that you are being watched...

Planet X Rover On a barren planet, a giant silvery pyramid stretches into the atmosphere, untouched by age.

2049 Flying over the city, the ashen smog and the distant neon glow of the cities below peeking through the heavy rain. The edges of the world soften, and a sense of melancholy washes over you.

Enchanted Woman A strange, ethereal woman sits at the edge of a peaceful lake. When she sings the birds and insects listen, as does any human that comes across her.

Isla Nublar The remote, but well known Island from Jurassic Park. InGen and Hammond are already here, but it sems like they didnt breed or release anything yet. Or have they? Wait - what's that deep rumble?! Perfect for the Audiobook - almost. I'd love to interchange the deep Bass-sliders with some big Reptile steps or far away deep roaring sounds. Thank you Stéphane for another layer of customisation!

The year of the android The sound of a cyberpunk future where androids dream of electric sheep.

Ambient Shore Calmly sitting in my cabin on the loch's edge with the French windows open, I idly tinkle the keys of the piano as a ghostly melody wafts through the crisp spring air. Am I alone?

The Princess' Garden There's a party going on in the house, but you have little interest in such things. You'd rather relax out in the garden and listen to the sounds of plants and animals. Music box notes come in off the wind.

Land of rain A world of neverending rainfall where amphibians are the rulers.

The Meditation Temple You find yourself sitting among a group of people atop a mountain, inside a temple, surrounded by small fires and incense. The longer you sit, the farther you fall into a deep hole of calm. The humming of the people around you, the light strumming of the water drums, and the warmth of calm.

A Viking Winter It's the Viking Era. You have just come back from a hunt and you carry a small boar on your back. The town is bustling with trade and life. You will never get tired of coming into the village.

Study Room Studying in a cozy room.

Dark Rain A dark, calming rain accompanied by an evening bell and a lonely call.

The Great Library Rows and rows of shelves upon the marble floors, deeply laden with heavy tomes of obscure knowledge and insights. With the dim light coming from the central fireplace, you and your fellow scholars roam the shelves into the twilight in search of the answers lost to time and dust.

as far as the eye can see On the eve of the battle, the wind pulls at tent flaps and the gods seem to answer pleas faintly, their voices carried by the thunder. As far as the eye can see, there is nothing but anticipation.

Renaissance Festival It's a cool, breezy fall afternoon at your local Ren Fest. Visit the blacksmith, watch some jousting, and don't forget a nice big Turkey Leg and a deep fried twinkie.

Lunarpunk A little futuristic, a little natural, a little crowded, all peaceful.

A Horse with No Name A Horse with No Name gallop on the prairie.

A rest in the canyon It started as a lucky hunt, and by now you've made it far outside your usual hunting ground. A few of your packmates, not yet willing to return to the dens with with the rest, joined you in this flight of curiosity... and they join you still, laying by the tiny spring, relaxing in the warm sand before you decide to leave the shade of the canyon to face the desert sun again.

Melodic Zen A syncretic mix of forest echoes and subtle ancient melodies.

They are here Time has stopped. The end is near. Their global plan will be unveiled. All minds are cleared.

Melancholic rainy gas station I tried to combine all of my favourite noise elements together, and simulate that certain cousy and sleepy feeling, while sitting in a warm car, listening rain splattering on windows, heavy diesel gas tanker delivering more gas to the station at 4am, and falling asleep while waiting dad to get back in car and continue driving home. Distant traffic noises and also boring silent radioshow.

Dusk on the Bayou Camping by a brook falling gently into the bayou.

Jungle in your head Wander through the rainforest that is your mind.

Ethereal Ocean Distant voices echo the swells of the waves as you drift out to sea.

Female Voices A multifarious choir transcends the predawn light.

Planet X Rover We knew it had to be there for centuries and there it was, Planet X; hidden deep in the Kuiper belt. Earth's first scout probe has just landed on it! The Human race listens in limbo as it starts its surveillance mission and for these first sounds its sensors send back. We soon realize we may not be the only ones... there's no turning back now.

Song of Ice An eerie chant of ice and water, like a temple to a god long since drowned.

Waiting for the Ride One day during a visit to Animal Kingdom, I started getting anxious and worked up. My mom decided to stop for some food at a small food stand right next to Expedition Everest. While I stood to the side waiting, I realized how the drone of people walking by and the soft music with occasional bell rings was incredibly soothing.

Temporary Respite Once out wandering the unknown, you've now been caught by surprise as the sky darkened and dropped its once heavy burden. You've hastily constructed a small camp in order to keep from catching cold, and it seems a creature of the wild has adopted your shelter.

Temple Courtyard As she rests in the peaceful courtyard after a long summer's day, a gentle wind carries the music of the evening ceremony from the temple. With the setting sun to her back, she decides to meditate on the sound of water flowing through a bamboo fountain and buried suikinkutsu.

Journey to Nowhere Sip your tea. Listen to the rumble of the rails, the mutter of the rain, the babble of the dining car. Your destination is unimportant. What you have left behind is unimportant. Right now there is only the scent of your tea, the train, and you.

The Expanse You are travelling through the deep expanse of the stars, the elemental beauty of the universe surrounds you. And yet, humans are no different, still filled with vast emotions that dictate what they do. Listen to gentle vocalising with the gentle hum of your starship, and the occasional explosive reminder of human nature in the distance. Inspired heavily by the book series "The Expanse".

Tristesse When I was younger, I created an imaginary forest where I could go to be as sad as I needed to be, free from those who would prefer for me to be cheery and carefree. I called it Tristesse, a French word for sadness or melancholy. I invite you to sit and relish your sorrows, and remember this place should you ever need it in the future.

Entrance to Hades With the coin placed under your tongue, you pay Charon to take you across the river to the entrance of Hades. He does not speak during this journey, but you can hear the whispers of the unburied souls who cannot yet be taken, and the mournful cries of Cerberus, who guards the gates you approach. Soon you will learn where your soul is destined.

Curious Wanderer A subtle, positive atmosphere to tune your mood and senses into another dimension for a little while.

Gravity's Lodge You are falling into the darkness. The weight of your memories surrounds you, comforting and provoking regret by turns. There's no escape from this well, but you belong here anyway.

Sparkling hu water While the monk chants his quiet song on the bank of the river, the universe shimmers and sparkles in quiet beauty. All will be well.

Quiet Living Room After a long day, in the evening, you sit in front of the piano in your living room. The fire is crackling in your fireplace, steadily burning the last log you have put in it. You feel the warmth on your skin. Rethinking about the gone day, you play a somewhat melancholic melody, while nobody's listening...

Hephaestus You are in a forge. It would be more appropriate, even, to say you are in The Forge. Work in here is continuous, but there is a warmth to the place. You watch the presses, sitting next to the fire, and you wait.

The Basement The heroes journey into the basement, their last stop scouring the Lord's manor for clues. What they find there will shake them to the core... for the goings on were far more ghastly and sinister than anyone could have imagined...

Winter With You A cozy winter night with your head on someone's chest.

Consciousness Technician The soldering of Dendrites, sorting of the senses, filing & disposal of memories & the repairing of cells; all while preparing your nights dreams... While you sleep the technician works feverishly as time ticks away to ensure a full days reconciliation until the morning chord strikes...

Melisani An island lies surrounded by a lake deep in a cave, the noonday sun streams through a hole in the cave roof. A boat rows slowly towards the island...

Dusty Streets You walk through the empty, dusty streets of a forgotten city. The gleaming structures that surround you stand lonely against the pale sky. This place was full once. Light catches the particles of dust hanging in the air, surrounding you as you feel at once lost and found.

Nerves Electric pulses, is it anxiety or excitment ? Are those stomach butterflies or just noisy interferences ? Relax, try to take deep synthetic respirations...

Witch Study When the night falls and rain plays its tone against the window, the Witch submits herself to study the old magic books, fireplace keeping her warm and cozy during her studies.

Wind Meditation The wind is the best tool to meditate with. Hold your breath for several seconds and then exhale over the course of another five count. When you think you can't exhale any more, keep blowing from the deepest depths of your lungs....

Rythmic Chant Lovely vocals with strings and drums.

Rainy Voyage You wanted to escape the land and sail to your own haven when while you were sailing, a storm strikes! Waves crash, thoughts race through your head. You try to sail back to shore, but the currents are too strong! You make one decision. You wait it all out.

Village Hidden in the Clouds Clouds. Thunders. Rain. Falling on the tin roofs of kampongs still commonly found in certain parts of Southeast Asia today. A sound that many SEAsians living since before the 80's may find familiar. A sound like home.

The Scots March To War The Highlands are alive with the sounds of Scottish warriors on the march. Droning bagpipes and thundering drums drive the morale as high as the sunlight sky.

Homeworld Angular, gleaming buildings tower all around you, set against a strange pink sky. This strange, towering world is home to Gems, an inorganic species made of minerals and light. This is the seat of The Great Diamond Authority and the heart of their tyrannical intergalactic empire.

Mellow Yellow The vibes of the credits music after a fantasy movie.

Floating in Riffs Floating down a soft river. Weightless on the water. The world melting away around you into nothing but your own thoughts and being. There is nothing but you, and this moment in time.

Christmas Ambience The magical feeling of spending Christmas in front of your fireplace, listening to the snowstorm outside. [Recommend using any animation on 'slowest' for this one]

Introverti Your heart rushes, your sense of romanesque overwhelms you. You need to go out and hear what nature has to say about the situation.

Zen Canyon Wooden flutes, the trickle of a nearby fountain, and the gentle ring of a windchime.

Deep Space An eclectic mix of binaural beats, chimes, bowls and whispers with heartbeat. Give a listen to the default, then click on G for an interesting shift.

In the Sky with Rhodes Ethereal voices meet calming instruments for zen experience.

The Time to Fight Stop running and pick up your sword. Turn yourself around and make fate your design.

Peaceful Night in the Suburbs The crickets are running a noisy concert while you're out on the porch tonight. You can see the city skyline just barely before the sun calls it a day. Only the bright and vibrant neons remain, hanged high on the proud skyscrapers. The cars going by remind you to get your favourite mix of soothing tunes. I recommend using this with Telecaster Licks or any other calming songs or tracks you have.

Alien Rain Imagine your on a spaceship landed on some distant stormy planet.

It's here Run.

Fear Is Coming Something is wrong and you're not sure what. The air is off, and with every passing moment your heart seems to twinge in anticipation. A general, low-intensity, and scary background noise.

Taniere A den, a shelter from the rain. A calming breath. The sound of a heart growing towards calm, confidence to go back oustide for new adventures, after a peaceful rest.

Lo Fi Christmas Time Lo Fi Christmas Time radio-transmitted from Georgia.

Steampunk Workshop Using the raw elements of water and fire to power your workshop, you tinker away at components of what is sure to be the next greatest invention of all time. Clockworks, steam, and fire set the mood, and give your mind something natural and something repetitive which allows you to find 'the zone'.

Mr Rhodes in Space Mr Rhodes wakes on an interstellar ship, his keyboard floats in front of him.

Deep Space Devin Townsend's The Hummer generator.

Recess A little rain won't stop anybody from playing. Your jacket is zipped up tight, and you and your friend are huddled underneath a tree to stay dry before you run back out to join the others... You can hear distant voices across the field, the rattling of the chains on the playground as your peers run back and forth across the bridge and, most of all, the warm rain that is only a mild inconvenience.

Around The Fire It's time to tell YOUR story.

Hidden meadow The rustling in the bushes attracts your attention, and as you slowly and softly draw forwards, you find an otherworldly entrance. The chiming of soft bells and whispers old as time seem to follow you through this new place. A still but calm meadow, hidden away from everyone's reach. Although, something tells you it has been hidden for a reason... But why?

Sad Story I retraced the path I had left behind.

Abyss Beacon Drifting through darkness towards a point of bright light on the horizon, the shadows guide your path.

Dis The sounds of an otherworldly machine, discovered on the edge of space by weary travelers.

Subnautica A soundscape based on the experiences of a lonely astronaut stranded on an ocean planet.

In Meditation Sit down. Breathe. Let the sounds of peace clear your mind.

Walk With We Just footsteps from ten different generators. Especially fun when animated, deep mode gives the impression of taking a stroll through worlds.

War is coming Don't try to sleep with it :)

Stormcaller A woman stands on the shore, watching the clouds roil around her as her voice echoes out, stirring the storm and sea. She is unfazed, peaceful, and unmoving even as the wind whips around her.

Clarity I just wanted something for my meditation and this picture came to mind. You are in the country house, it is raining. You are sitting on the top of the stairs near the house's entrance, looking at the deep gray-blue sky, feeling the water running down your hair and face. You feel every second of your presence. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go. Welcome to the moment.

Male voices only Just a collection of soothing, yet motivating hums and a cappella melodies, harmoniously ever-changing - perfect for those who enjoy their deep voices.

Old North Sea Ply the ancient Celtic, Norse, and Frisian trade routes over endlessly rolling waves, accompanied by the sounds of gulls, drums, and droning pipes.

The Last Train Railroad Drone Cabin Ambient

Tavern and Rain It's a rainy evening in the Thirsty Bowman, a common haunt for weary adventurers or locals in search of a hot meal. The fire in the corner crackles, where beside it sits an instrumentalist lazily picking his guitar. There is no reason not to prop your cold feet up beside the hearth and stay awhile. If you stay long enough, you might catch a story or two from the people around.

Illusion Some things we see are not real, and some sounds, (But this is real)

Etherial Flux Allow the ambience of pure sound direct you to a landscape created by free thought. Breathe deeply, set controls for a deep and slow experience... and drift away...

Soothing storm by the fireside As a soothing fireplace surrounds you with warmth and shelter from the gathering storm, you can lose yourself in the complexity of the soundscape, slowly drifting off to sleep as nature cleanses Earth and soul.

Little Movements Steps in a steppe ambience.

Suspiria Volk. The dance of the people. Sighs, tears and darkness. Famous dance academy in divided Berlin. Ancient witch coven. Twisted love.

Lantern Tower The sun is at its highest meridian on a warm summer day, breaking overhead as you look out over miles of landscape, breathing in the living silence.

The Busy Bakery Close your eyes and you can smell the cookies!!! Well, almost. I run a bakery and this is very close to what it would sound like day to day. Listen close and you can hear the turning of the mixers, packing and vacuum machines, the clang of the trays, staff talking, orders coming in and going out, oven timers ticking and ringing and lastly, the boiling water. Animate subtly for authenticity.

Charmer You find yourself in the middle of a ritual. A vague distant figure chants on the language you don't know. Grey shapes dance around you, fire licks your feet and you do not feel any pain. The Will incarnated in words of the magician swipes back and forth. Ancient power infiltrates you.

Dinner Party The fancy outfit your mother bought you has a scratchy collar, and the new shoes are so hard that you're stubbing your toe with each step, but it's all a small price to pay as you leave your heavy coat at the door and take in a house bathed in warm golden light and tempting smells.

Ethereal Flight Feel as if you were a white angel, flapping your wings high above the clouds, so feather-light and free... close your eyes, take to the skies, and enjoy an Ethereal Flight!

Beyond the Veil A place of restless spirits.

Stormy Sea The weather on the ocean is a strange thing. One moment you can be under full sun, and not one hour later the worst storm you've ever witnessed swirls above you with clapping thunder, crackling lightning and an absolute downpour of blinding rain. Maybe you are on deck, bracing yourself and your boat against the waves, or perhaps you are seeking shelter in the cabin, hoping for it to blow over...

Keicoe grove The fae live in those woods, they said. And night fell, and lost you still were, when the sounds began. Were it not for tracks of upright creatures on paws, you might think the cries were from animals. The fire was there when you awoke. You are not alone... The colorful lights fill the forest, twinkling like fireflies, and something flits around your campsite, eyeshines just as big and bright.

Deep Space I'm Captain Nemo in the Nautilus, journeying through the deepest depths of the ocean. The hum of the engines soothe me during the day and the songs of the whales sing me to sleep every night.

The Big Black Engine The black engine never stopped and will never have enough... it needs no sleep. We all are part of a big unknown machine - society is a factory of truth - where is the core? The institutions are the hardware of a nation, the ideology is the software, and the law is the glue between. Who will change the hardware? Who will care for the software? Get out of this machine or change it...

Analogic Landscape Analogic Landscape where Rain mixes itself with Vintage Sounds

Dawn By The Streams Rubbing your eyes as you awaken high up in the clouds where the magic streams congregate. Mesmerized by the sounds of mother earth as the nocturnal animals of the mountains slowly fade away for another spin around the sun.

Forest Rain Inspired by the sound of the rain falling in the New Zealand bush.

A Cargo Full of Emptiness A Cargo Full of Emptiness to travel around the seas of Rest.

LoadMaster Onboard a C-130 Hercules packed with cargo... you signed for it and you're in charge. The chilly air seeps through the flight suit as you walk around the pallets making sure all is safe and secure fore and aft. The aircrew just brewed a pot of coffee and it time for a hot cup or two... Make sure to start the animation and after a minute your ears will feel like they're going to pop.

Wet Stagger down the Eightfold Path A Metaphorical Journey to enlightenment, representing the stormy, calm, repetitive, unexpected, disappointed, inspired, tiring and exciting pieces of life that make up each of our stories and paths we take to get there. This one is a wet, bewildered stormy path that you can here familiarity and calm in the distance as you arrive in the arms of sleep. Tomorrow your journey continues!!!

Mystical Forest Surround yourself in a surreal, magical environment that will immediately transport you away from the stresses of life. The generator contains deep male choir hums, airy female vocals, and a variety of pleasant ambient nature sounds to solidify a strong, mystical feeling place.

Christmas Air The chimes, chants, and gentle bonfire of Christmas. Soft falling snow meets a sparkling white blanket covering treetops and houses. Kids laugh and play, ice skating and snowmen building. Magic is in the air~

Jungle Strike You're far, far away from home in a very dangerous place. But you're not here for holidays, you're here to infiltrate the enemy's line from behind. Close your eyes and listen to the rain, the bugs and the gunshots. Perfect for setting a fictional ambient for writing bellic novels or playing wargames.

Drops Drops are falling into a strange situation.

Babble Birds Chirping people and talking birds in a relax surrounding. Great to fill the quiet space while working at home!

Star Dust Imagine you are a cloud of space dust travelling through the infinite cosmos. What weird and wonderful discoveries lie in wait as you travel between galaxies?

piano onboard It's four in the morning on the cruise ship, passing through the shoals on way back to port. Seems like you're the only one awake onboard. On the top deck bar you sit down at the piano and let the rhythm of the waves guide your fingers over the keys. To fully appreciate this version, animate but leave the mode and speed in default then set the key to F# and lower the speed with one click.

Chrysalism You are indoors during a thunderstorm, working quietly on a project as rain patters on the windows and music plays softly in the background. For all the chaos outside, you are safe here - warm, dry, and lost in your own little world.

Maddening Whispers The voices--what are they saying? If you concentrate you think you can make out individual words, but as your understanding of the hidden message sharpens, your understanding of petty things like morality begins to fall away...

The Storm of Apollyon It was the last storm on earth to be named--not because it was so bad, but because there's no one left to name anything.

Deep Space Want to listen to your own heart beat? Here you can add a drumming of your own heart beat to anything else you find relaxing.

Sound of Snow All other sounds are dampened by the snow, and the silence sinks. In that silence, the sounds of you and your friends polding thru the snow, feels quite loud in comparison.

RPG Forest Ritual I love the spooky feeling this combo gives me! Creepy voices, footsteps, fire, and thunder!

Livin' on a Dirt Road Sitting on the porch of the old farmhouse on a warm summer evening. You brought out a couple of cold ones from the fridge and the radio, but while you were fiddling with the dial you stopped and listened to the sounds around you that make this place your quiet and peaceful home... Keep the volume low and let your ears relax to the soundscape.

Gloria Dei You pause outside the monastery chapel, listening to the monks perform the evening office.

Melodious Humming, chanting, and singing you gently to sleep.

Down And Down It Goes The machine is running, the way goes down, the madness is growing, the organ is whispering, my brain is stuffed with black light, I lose my balance to my jealousy and in some seconds something will come over me... Never trust just one feeling at a time. Everthing is true, everything is false, everything goes to hell anyway...

Flight of a Crying Dragon Flight of a Crying Dragon over his ancient family's valley.

Rainy Car Trip You're the passenger on a long car trip. It starts to rain. There's a rumble of thunder in the distance. Good thing you're not driving. You can just close your eyes and listen.

JRPG Duel Two armies clash in the valley, while their generals face each other for a final time upon the mountain. A lone musician is witness and soundtrack to their battle.

Victorian Cemetery It's autumn. It's night. It's foggy. Over the wall of the cemetery there are carriages going back and forth, but here, you are alone with the dead and your own thoughts.

surprise me in rehearsal Choral silliness :)

T Tinnitus blocker. Hope it helps.

Embrace the Night Close your eyes and be transported to a tranquil night walk. A light breeze brushes your face while the many sounds of night rise in symphony to the starry sky. Who knew night in the country could be so immersive? (Play around with the sliders to choose a spot closer to the loon lake, or in a quiet garden)

Ceremony Facing the Sea A ritual ceremony in front of the sea, at the sunset, on a distant island...

Desert Longing A long walk to the tents of your people. Their voices are carried to you on the wind, the same wind that brings sand to your face. It has been a long journey. You wish for the comfort of your tent and the laughter of your family. And yet, almost home, the desert solitude calls you again, knowing that the songs of your people are in your blood and bone.

Aquatic Laboratory Deep in the ocean, or near the stormy surface the low hum of your ship purrs along with the sounds of water.

Hurricane Party Despite all warnings you and your friends decided to stay at the beach house and ride out the storm...foolish people. Make sure to animate... deep mode works great.

The Shire Close your eyes and be transported to the Shire; you sit on the garden bench outside your hobbit hole. You see hobbit homes dotting the landscape, large fields of wildflowers, hobbit children playing beneath a tree, bees gathering honey. It all blends into a calming lull... (Turn up the plum slider for music or play around with sliders to create the Shire at dusk)

Noise Blocker A mix of water, rain, and forest ambiance to block out unwanted noise.

Nightime Tribal Ritual Close your eyes and be transported to a tribal village in the African plains. Flames leap into the night sky from the massive bonfire surrounded by drums being beaten by native villagers. You have never heard anything like it...

Sunset in Burjai Close your eyes and be transported to a rooftop parapet looking out over a small desert city. Peddlers are packing up to go home in the street below you as the sun begins to set over the desert dunes. (Play around with the diverse range of sliders and tune the city to your liking)

Lovecraft A space between India and dark storytelling.

Japanese Festival Wandering around a festival. Listening to the sounds of pilgrims, fireworks and the shrine.

Fatel Error This is like as if an Android has been damaged or corrupted.

Rainy Voyage You escape to finally have your time alone, when you see dark clouds rolling. You frantically try to head back to shore but you can't because the waves are pushing you away from land. You make one decision. You wait the storm out and try to get rescued.

Explorer's Camp You are exploring a tropical rainforest at dusk; you have just lit your campfire and now you lay back, absorbing the incredible atmosphere you could never find back at home.

Radio Alternative Zen Shortwaves Radio Transmission for a distant-from-self Zen Meditation

Nunc stans Another endless journey among the skerries in a little boat. Seagulls hovering above.

Rainy Car Ride Lying in the back seat, you stare out the window. The rain hits, then smears along the glass. It's only another fourty-five minutes until you get home. As you close your eyes, you feel as if this car ride could last an eternity; there would be nothing wrong with that at all.

Prometeus Prometeus is a titan friend of humanity and progress: he steals fire from the gods to give it to men and suffers the punishment of Zeus who chains him to a cliff on the edge of the world.

Chillin' with Weasley Mr. P. Tone chillin' with his cat by the fire during a rainstorm.

Fog of War Ominous echoes in the darkness reveal what the eye cannot see: the war of the ages has come, and light has fled from the earth. Even the dead have scattered from their graves in search of the warmth of the earth, but only cold wasteland remains. There is nothing that comes after this. Nothing.

Starshine Drifting between black holes and dark matter lies the place starlight goes to die.

Winter Forest You retreat from the chaotic world and escape into a frosty forest, where your busy mind is soothed by the crackling of ice, the soft sounds of hail and snow, the flowing of frosty rivers and the twittering of the few birds brave enough to brave the frost...

An Evening on Storm Lake Imagine camping by a calm mountain lake one summer evening and a soft storm rolls in one evening. Cozy inside your tent you let the sound of the rain on your tent, accompanied by the soft crooning of the frogs and the mournful call of a loon lull you into a state of relaxation.

Cozy Compnay It's raining, you're curled up by the fire with your cat, a friend snoozes next to you, and something good is cooking in the other room...

Infinite cavern Waiting for rebirth.

Reflecting Pool Walking thoughtfully around a reflecting pool inside of a monastery. An introspective feeling washes over you. The pools crystal clear surface is mesmerizing, leaving you standing still. Groups of visitors and pious monks pass by. Time slips away and you are focused and calm with a tinge of sorrow, but the sort that breeds hope.

Houston To Venice A hypothetical journey from Texas to Italy, getting lost in self-forgetfulness.

Arabian Shift An Arabic Shift over an Unparallel Mind.

Night is Coming A collection of some of the relaxing sounds I've turned to time and again. :) Rain, thunder, cicadas, and frogs...

Fight on the shore A confrontation on the stony shore; a storm draws in, but neither combatant minds.

Forest Temple The wind rushes through the trees. Windchimes dance and clank. In the distance, someone plays the flute.

Darkest Dungeon As scary as it gets. (Turn off the lights)

The Last Chance Two Kings in the battle. The defending King lost a last mans squad. Everything is on fire. Nothing is left. It's over. Suddenly the allies will arrive to help. And Now, We have The last Chance.

Medraun If you make your own, have the noise you select at a curtain volume first.

Speechless Trance A trance-like mix of dreamy sounds, with a touch of rain to help mask outside noise :)

Rumination Meditation When you can't stop going over and over the same conversation in your head - come sit on the porch in the rain and let your breathing deepen as you listen to the song of the earth beneath you.

Bodhisattva My first! Enjoy...

Menacing Forest You've crashed in a forest on another planet. You're scrambling to repair your ship, swatting the obnoxious insects and hoping the rain doesn't get any harder. But as you work, you gradually become aware of eerie sounds around you. Some of them are getting closer...

Rhythmic Hypnosis Though chaotic at first, close your eyes and let the drum guide your mind into a state of pure relaxation.

Cramond Island You're on Eilean Chathair Amain. It's night, and you can't get off, as you were surprised by the quickly rising tide that flooded the walkway that would otherwise have led you over the Drum Sands, back to land. There is no reason at all to be afraid, and the only thing you need to do is enjoy the salty winds from the Firth of Forth and explore the bunkers that testify of its turbulent past...

Moonbeam Bay You find yourself gazing upon the secluded beach of Moonbeam Bay. A warm midnight breeze nudges the make-shift windchimes hanging from the roof of your beach shack into a relaxing melody. As your hammock rocks effortlessly in the breeze, you drift deeper and deeper into this relaxing and peaceful place. After a short time, you fall into a deep and restful slumber.

Silver lining Cial agus neart.

Memories of Gray Mystery, magic, ancient powers sleeping deep beneath the surface of the earth.

Delightfully Out There I imagine a tribal space colony of bursting with extra-terrestrial life. Odd shaped denizens going about their day. Unusual beasts and perplexing plants on an off colored landscape. Multiple moons are in view and there are two suns. Maybe we will discover something like it one day. ~Novi

Nirvana's Rumble Early summer. A little wooden sailboat gliding its way to a skerry among many others. Far away; Nirvana's rumble. Arkadia. Nunc stans. Nothing's gonna change my world.

Something in the Deep You have gone overboard in the dark of night, and fallen into the ocean. Your eyes are hardly of use but you can reach out with your ears... and there is something in the deep.

In the Galaxy Outside At each breath you realize the journey began. Where it will lead you? Your imagination will tell...

Tavern by the Sea The gentle lull of the sea rolls beneath your feet and becomes a dim percussion to the constant chatter of people in the tavern. The bards in the corner play a quiet and sad song that meanders through the patrons and out into the ocean-swept shores beyond. Occasionally, your feet feel the creak of the old, re-purposed wooden planks and the squeak of retired masts that now act as support beams...

Something Else A spiritual battle takes place. They sing their song to protect your body from harm as you go to another plane to protect your home from a greater threat.

Rain in the City After a warm and humid day you are sitting on the porch. While the first raindrops fall on the roof you listen to the thunder rolling in. Everyone is hurrying home to stay dry except that one crazy neighbour that is still mowing the lawn.

Rainy Restaurant You sit in a corner of a restaurant near the outside. A storm's on the way, but no one seems to mind. A man idly fiddles with the keys of a piano. The wind of the storm blows the chimes outside. People still go about their day, heading in and out. This is the peace of every day life.

Crazed You're sitting in your room, crying. Suddenly, you see your best friend, Tom, asking if you could play a game. You shake your head, saying that your computer broke down, and to stop asking. Tom says alright, then walks out of your room. You try and follow him, but he disappeared. You try to remember why this happens so much, but all you respond with is "Sc...nia." You can't remember what it means.

Ryswyck You're standing sentinel at the top of a tower on a lonely island coast. It's deep night and the spring rains have come; you keep the lights up and the lines open, waiting for the change of watch.

Now Floating... You've just completed a tough mission, losing most of what you had but saving the future of your squad. Now, you grab a shuteye in the cot of your spaceship as it hurtles towards your next destination through the vastness of space at faster-than-light speed. Your eyes are closed, but your mind is hardly quiet...

Racing Game You're excited to finally boot up the newest GT Racing game in your favourite franchise. You open the game and are greeted with this title screen.

Deep Space Drifting deep in space, listening to the background noise of the universe.

Alpine Meadow You're on an Alpine Meadow somewhere on a mountain in Austria, lying in the grass near a mountain spring while the cows wander around you munching on some grass.

Undersea Voyager Exploring the sea, uncovering its mysteries.

Interstellar Spacecraft Picture yourself under the stars, lying in the clear-domed meditation room aboard an interstellar spacecraft.

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