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The cat's purr, without the allergy

Cuddling up with a purring cat is certainly a relaxing experience. Scientific studies have shown that cat owners have lower blood pressure and can live longer than humans who don't own pets!

A cat's purr is generally within the range of 40 - 200 Hz. In sound therapy, these frequencies are believed to heal injuries and relieve pain. It is also told that injured cats often purr to help soothe and heal themselves...

Whether you're not at home, can't have a pet, or just need your purr fix right this moment, this soundscape can help you relax and emulate the soothing experience of snuggling up with your furry friend - without the fleas and cat hair!

     Discover Purrli, a fully parametric cat purr generator available online for free. Purrli allows you to precisely set purr rates and simulates the presence of a real cat around you. Highly recommended!

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

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  My buddy Fleasy passed away a few months back, and my other cat Raider less than a year before him. They were both loves, Fleasy liked me the most, though, and I can't say that there isn't a day that I miss them. Hearing this purr isn't quite the same, but it's still almost like they're with me, in a way. It makes me feel calm and happy, like my buddies are back with me again.

  That is purrfect ;)

  Really helps when I'm away from home or vacationing and can't have my cat to cuddle at night. Very soothing, makes it much easier to relax in unfamiliar environments <:D

  We had one cat that got hit by a car, and we got another who also got hit by a car. One looked like the picture, he was called Motor and the second was called Lloyd. Brings back sad/happy memories. I love it. Thank you. (I'm tearing up) :( <3 :)

  It made me cry. It sounds identical to my cat who got hit by a car not long ago. He looked like the picture too. It makes me remember the weight of him lying on my bed or his breath tickling me when he snuggled up close. I can feel his little wet nose and soft paws too. It's weird how just a purr brings back memories. I love the little squeak/snores. As sad as it is, I also really love it. <3

  My baby girl, Princess, just had to be euthanized. I wanted a recording of her purring, but she didn't purr in her last few weeks. I found the levels that make this sound like her, though. Thanks for making this. It kind of feels like getting a piece of her back.

  This really helps me relax, I really love my cat but he's getting old and I don't know how long I'll get to have him around. His purring has always soothed me but I can't always see him, like when I'm in school. Thank you so much for this.

  My wife loves cats but we cannot have a cat now in our apartment.. So this is perfect for relaxing...

  My grandparents own a cat and in my opinion he's the most adorable cat ever. I find it very relaxing whenever he's being cuddled and I'm here to not have to bother him at 4am desperately trying to do homework. + : no real cat will jump on your desk and try to get your attention while you're desperately trying to do homework at 4am - : cat not included, how sad. Cats are the best.

  Whenever I went to a family friend's house, I always hung out with kittens because there were no people who were my age. They had two kittens and this is what they sounded like when they were napping on my back.

  This is so soothing I legit feel like crying.

  This sound generator is wonderful for when I'm away from home for a little while and missing my cat. This sounds just like him, and helps me get to sleep when I don't have a cat to snuggle with.

  This sounds just like my cat stevie and listening to it helps me get a better more rested sleep at night.

  This is very comforting to listen to as a student with ADHD and severe anxiety. I like to have it on with japanese garden/binaural beats/other audioscapes while I'm studying or doing homework, it helps me to not get distracted.

  I used this while fostering a feral cat as I wanted to calm him down and let him know all was well. Have also tried it on a nervous boarding cat and he promptly went to sleep! So, I think this is great not just for humans getting their purr fix, but, also to help calm cats! XX

  This sound calmed me down within seconds. I havent seen a cat in years, let alone touched one. but I remember the distant purr and how much it calmed me.

  What a wonderful , quite emotional little program! Lovely memories of my furry, purry companion ol' Tessa Cat. Thank you x Dan, Western Australia

  I just lost my cat, and this is what he sounded like. He was a good boy. :)

  Thank you so much for creating this noise generator, Stéphane. I was feeling extremely anxious, but, somehow, the sound of a cat purring was able to calm me down. I'm feeling much better, and now I know what I must do in case of an anxiety attack. Once again, thank you so much!

 I love this one. Even though my lovely Mimi is right next to me when she sleeps, at least I can hear her purring without waking her up :)

 So Im having an anxiety attack at school, my kitty girl Abby, is at home. I found this website on tumblr and customized it to sound like my kittenkat. I feel so relaxed that Im even using her nicknames on this. I have to take a test soon, and I feel like Im ready to.

 I had a cat that passed named Heidi and I miss her but with this I don't feel as lonely, and I feel a bit better now.

 The only thing missing from this are the "kitty biscuits"! If someone can create a biscuit maker simulation... that would be as close to a real cat as it gets (without the fur, of course!)

 This is so relaxing. It cleared my skin, watered my crops and cured my anxiety.

 I have to say, as a crazy cat lady, I have two cats and when I have to go away on business, my little babies have to stay home with a pet sitter. The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is take my curious Egyptian Mau, Sylver, off my head. So, when I wake up and I don't have a cat hat on my head, I get pretty sad. This helped me a lot with separation anxiety when I go away.

 This is wonderful for when I'm not home and I start having an anxiety attack. Normally if I'm at home my wonderful baby boy will come over and lay with me and purr (even if he's not the most snuggly he likes to stretch out on the bed with me to purr) but when I'm away this really helps. Doesn't sound exactly like him but it has almost the same effect. I would 110

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