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Custom Audio Files for Patrons Only

/!\ This feature is only available to myNoise patrons. If you have donated in the past, please log in now. If your haven't donated yet and want to order an audio file, please support this website first.

Any donation converts into credits that can be used to order custom sounds, such as the one playing right now (1 USD/EUR = 1 credit). Different file durations are available, from the five-minute tinnitus relief, to the 10-minute power nap, to the extended 1-hour relaxation session. All versions start and end with smooth fades, and animated versions produce slow-evolving random textures like those produced by the "Animate!" button at normal speed. The number of credits required to place an order, is propotional to the CPU time required to generate your file, and is listed below.


• An order button will appear next to the drop-down menu when you are logged in as a patron.

• For animated files, make sure that the sound you are currently hearing matches your preferred average setting. It will be used as a baseline to create your animated audio file.

• Your settings are unique: your file does not exist yet! Generating custom files takes time: from a couple of minutes (you're lucky), to a couple of hours (likely), or a couple of days (my server crashed and I am away). Please be patient. A download link will be sent to the email address associated with your account, once your order has been processed.

These files are for personal, non-commercial use only. Commercial enquiries are welcome, but please read this first.

Check out our existing albums

If custom settings are not important for you, what you are looking for may already be available for download!

Have a look at our latest album releases, or search for myNoise on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Selected sounds are streaming from Spotify, Deezer and Rdio too.

Highest Audio Quality

Audio files are mixed and mastered to the highest quality standards. The high-resolution source recordings are used during mix-down, ensuring the best sound quality.

Files are normalized to the loudest level your settings permit, then encoded with one of the higher MP3 bitrates (192kbs or above).