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Peruvian Voyage

What a wonderful gift for myNoise, when musicians are willing to contribute to the project with their talent, sounds and music. It is even more delightful when these sounds come from a different culture!

Carlos Carty is a Peruvian musician living in Brazil. He takes us to his homeland with sounds that invite meditation and a reconsideration of the world from a distance, like a condor flying high above the Andes.

The pan flute has been used, overused - and even abused - when it comes to synthesized samples in meditation music albums. With Carlos playing, however, you will rediscover the beauty of that instrument and its soul. Not only does Carlos play with emotion, but he does so with the technique of a master.

Follow Carlos on Facebook and discover his latest album Native Relax on Apple MusicSpotifyCD Baby. Carlos is also available as a studio musician mastering varied ethic wind instruments.

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  I was constantly tensed due to studies and teenage pressures.. but this is great! Really great for someone like me! A mild goosebump thru the body and instantly I become calm!

  I've been using this site for almost a year now. When I first started meditating, this was the first generator I used. It feels like my home now. Thank you so much Stephane and Carlos, this has helped me through my meditative journey, studying, and a breakup.

  I really Love this! There's only the sound of a vulture or eagle missing.

  This is perfect! I hear this for hours while working in my computer.

  This is reaaaalllyyyyy good. Relaxing. I imagined myself doing nothing, just relaxing, and perhaps on the way to taking a well-deserved siesta. Thank you for this. <3

  This generator helps me relax when I’m angry.

  This gave me such powerful chills!!! The pan flute is easily one of my favorite instruments now. This is crazy awesome.

  Simply an amazing soundscape. Have been very productive in my home office these past few days. I'll need to try the animation settings that others have commented on. Such true engineering craftsmanship that I deeply appreciate.

  I've been listening to this for the last 2 days! It's perfect for background while writing a paper, so calming yet I can focus!

  I think the pan flute just became my favorite instrument.

  This is magic, pure magic! Such a harmonic union of sound, base and nature! Can't say thank you enough!

  This is possibly the first time in my life that I have enjoyed a pan pipe. Thanks Stephane and Carlos!

  Already digging this. Really considering picking up a handpan myself.

  I never cease to be amazed by each of these generators, and this one is no different. Amazing touches when animated, and so very soothing. myNoise is such a life saver!

  I surprised myself by tearing up when I heard this and saw the background image of the condor flying, I presume, at Colca Canyon in Peru's Sacred Valley. There is so much cheesy, quasi-spiritual pan pipe music out there, including in the tourist areas of Peru (how many times can you actually stand to hear El Condor Pasa piped over the outdoor speakers?). This sounds so much more genuine.

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