Volcanic Prairies
The Sound of Cantal
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Water (sound) Source

The mountains of Cantal, France, are a range made up of what is left of the largest stratovolcano of Europe, which formed 13 million years ago and last erupted approximately two million years ago. In Cantal, volcanoes don’t look the way you would expect them to. Massive landslides and erosion by glaciers and water have smoothed away all craters. Only gentle hills and small mountains remain. Water is abundant and pure. The whole area serves as a water reservoir for France.

These sounds were recorded during a short hiking holiday with my family. This time, the focus was set to the higher sonic frequencies range, as we could hear the sound of bells worn by cows, who were grazing almost everywhere!

People suffering from tinnitus will enjoy this soundscape for its high-frequency masking properties. Others will find, here, a tranquil auditory spot that will invite them for a nap. Imagine a warm afternoon, lying on the grass and bathing in the sun, refreshed by the presence of a nearby stream. And yes, you are sharing the same meadow with a herd of Aubrac cows. Don't fear their presence. They are lovely hosts, as I can confirm.

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  This feels like a perfect day out in the meadows. I keep the cows a bit in the background.

  Ooh this is lovely, can't wait to use this for my next studying session.

  Really nice. I feel like I'm in another place!

  Instant favorite because of cow bells.

  I was stressed about work. I turned this on and immediately felt myself physically calm down. Thank you!

  I grew up going to the Alps in Switzerland and falling in love with the cows and this sounds just like it!

  So calming. I love the cow bells.

  Lovely! So skilfully put together - and as you say a superb choice for masking tinnitus. Now I can go to France anytime I desire...

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