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The Rain on your Tent, without the Damp Shirt

You are lying under a tarp tent, listening to the rain gently fall overhead as the rain falls from the sky, drips off of trees above, and lands on your tent. This particular sound will bring back memories for many who used to go camping as children. It also helps to keep things in perspective, reminding us that sometimes, the real comfort can be as simple as having shelter for the night, especially when it starts to rain!

Try combining this generator with our Jungle Life for a truly immersive experience.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Discover Masking Waterfall, the album.

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  I have a distinct memory of a camping trip from my childhood. It had rained in the night, and it was cold and wet and miserable, but I slept through it all because of the sound of the rain on the tent.

  The sound of rain helps me focus on my work.

  Very calming and realistic. And when paired with nature noises and/or fireplace it really helps me feel at peace.

  This mixed with Duduk Song is incredible. It has kind of a sad vibe but it helps me study.

  I don't go camping, but I love the sound of falling water. This website and the app are my saving grace so I don't have to run the shower to produce this soothing sound. Saves my water bill too.

  Goodness, this is so shooting, it helps me sleep when I'm feeling restless and anxious. It makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a forest, camping, with only the rain and the moon as my company. Incredible.

  This website is absolutely amazing! Even within this one rain generator nearly endless variations are possible and all sound awesome. myNoise - a continuously growing masterpiece.

  I love having this bring me down from any anxiety issues or having it sooth me as I do typing work. As someone with ADHD it helps me focus and reminds me of the cozy sounds of Oregon rain.

  This is my absolute, most favorite sleep soundtrack. It's cozy, soothing, realistic.

  I love this one with the fireplace. Just feels so at home.

  Best rain simulation I've ever found. I am obsessed with listening to rain as I find it soothing and often helps me not murder people nearby eating too loud :) So I have tried hundreds of simulators - this is Superior in every way. Come pay day I am donating and loading my own file - very excited about that! Thank you for your amazing work!

  My room is at the front of my house, on the top floor, so when it rains in winter/spring it sounds like a surround-sound version of this, and it's so relaxing. I'm an insomniac, so it helps me very much with sleep. In the summer, I miss it greatly, and I found this soundscape recently, and I love it! I listen to it to help with writing, and when school starts, I will definitely use this! <3

  This one helps me so much to focus during work, excellent!

  This generator is by far my favorite! I use it for sleep, but it also helps my mind relax so that I can immerse myself in novels easier! Thanks a ton for all the work that you put into this site!

  Very nice ambiance, really helps me focus when I need to.

  When it's sunny in Seattle, this is what I reach for. Sometimes when it's raining, too. <3 Thank you, Stéphane.

  This helps calm me down whenever I get too overwhelmed. I can just pretend I'm somewhere else or write a story without distraction :D

  The internet is full of rain recordings and white noise generators but nothing comes close to the quality of Dr. Stéphane Pigeon's gorgeous soundscapes that can be customized to your sound system and your ears.

  This is legit so peaceful an relaxing. Would 100% recommend to anyone!

  Listened to it in the office while doing routine work and it put me to sleep. Woke up an hour later -- I was dreaming that the roof had sprung a leak and the office was flooding!

  I have been listening to Rain On a Tent for *years*, it's my go-to when I need to focus at work, or relax at night. I have misophonia so there is nothing better than this to tune out irritation :) Nothing I have come across is as realistic as this is! Great work Stephane, you are a genius <3

  It's wonderful to listen to this while studying or going to sleep, it's very relaxing and calming! The sound quality is crystal clear and I love that you can tweak each little bit!

  This is one of the most relaxing experiences there is, even more so if you listen in a home theater. My favorite is: Rain On A Tent.

  Dear gods, this is amaizing. Love you and your work.

  Thank you for your work and all those amazing sounds, which really help me to work and make it through finals. <3

  Love this noise. Weirdly enough, combined with the fire noise helps me focus and fall asleep faster. It's great!

  This plus the Shishi odoshi is really relaxing!

  This + Jungle Noise (Birds) = <3

  I'm lucky enough to have a small cabin in the forest in the Pacific Northwest. It has a metal roof with a little bit of insulation which mutes the sound. Sitting by the wood stove in a comfy recliner with a mug of tea watching the rain fall outside is one of the best down-times I've found... this sound alone is worth my support of Stephane's efforts, thank you.

  Rain on a Tent is my go to noise. It helps me focus when I work and it also helps me fall asleep, even when I'm extremely stressed. The fact that it drowns out a lot of outside noise helps too. Thank you for having this on here!

  While this is one of my favourites, I really would love it more if it was more consistent volume wise. I get that this may not be a realistic request if it's based on a real-time recording but for me there's a fine line between soothing and grating background noise. I have to leave it playing for extended stretches to drown out sound from neighbours so sound levels are paramount.

  This noise really helps me fall asleep! Great combined with a tonal drone too.

  I love this setting. It feels like a distant storm but you're safe in a tent in the forest and rain is pattering instead of roaring.

  This sounds just like the time I was out camping with a friend last summer, waking up in my hammock listening to the rain hitting the tarp. Super relaxing!

  After all these years, I always come back to Rain on a Tent, with this exact setting. It's been about 3 years, and I don't even remember how I got this setting. Even though I've never been camping when it's raining, this sound brings back memories of staying in bed listening to rain or hearing rain on an umbrella. Very useful for studying when combined with Aural Scanner! ^w^

  This generator helps me do homework, it's really nice especially with how I like the feeling of tents!

  My favorite so far, makes me feel calm and focused also somewhat takes me back to my childhood, which is great.

  Normal rain noises just don't do it for me, I love the pitter patter of the rain hitting a roof or a window. This sound reminds me of chilly winter days, curled up under blankets and hearing the rain right outside my window.

  For some reason, this reminds me of long car trips in our old Morris Oxford, and the rain hitting the windows. It makes me miss my Dad so much but reminds me of happy childhood days.

  The perfect noise. It helps me sleep, do work, rest... I can't spend a week without it for at least an hour. Thanks a lot for what you're doing to us!

  This is my most favorite sound. I struggle to fall asleep and listening to the rain lulls me. This version of rain on tent is my new favorite. I love this app and I haven't even finished exploring!

  I used to go camping with my grandparents all the time when I was little, before they passed away, and this is the exact sound of the early morning chilly rain on the tarp we'd have outside by the fire pit.

  Ideal camping conditions.

  I can't decide wich I like the best, this or distant thunder. Good thing we have the super generator! Much love, Syok.

  The first time I went camping was a couple of weeks ago, and it just happened to rain. A lot. Multiple tents flooded (it was a school trip). My tent was fine, but there was still a lot of rain, so I just listened to it pour for the entire night. Really brings me back...

  Extremely helpful. Relaxes mind quickly!

  So relaxing! I feel all tingly and comforted while I work. I also suffer from tinnitus and this helps cover up the ringing noise. Thank you!

  This is such a calming experience! I tried listening to songs while I work, but they always distract me too much. This is a lot more productive, and at the same time, if I turn off the high sounds and keep the bass, it becomes really comforting.

  I love mixing this with some camping ambiance from the berber tent generator. Without fail it brings me back to camping with my parents in our camper, falling asleep listening to the rain on the canvas pop out beds, and waking up in the morning and pushing the canvas roof up to get the water off and still sprinkling myself a little in the process. It's such a strong memory and makes me nostalgic.

  Minimal popping of raindrops. Calm, serene storm with thunder in the distance. This site is the best. Always running this sound in the background.

  This is the perfect mixture of rain and thunder. It blocks outside noise and helps me get into and stay in my writing zone.

  I have many, many rain recordings and white noise apps, this one is the best. I love the variety of different sounds and the ability to customize them. Many thanks for this beautiful site!

  Best rain on tent I've heard in many many app trials. Can almost feel it. The subtle changes in intensity make it far more immersive.

  Part 2: You hear the rain pelt upon your tent as you sleep in a peaceful jungle. Part 1 is on Jungle Life!

  Whenever I have to read about exams or have difficulties while doing a project or something in my work, I turn on this. This makes me soothe and go far away from my problems.

  I used to go out camping a lot and I loved it when it rained, since it was so soothing. I like it when it hits the tents like umbrellas, creating a bold yet relaxing rhythm.

  I'm a high school student who takes many hard classes, and such I suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety. Rain on a Tent really helps me unwind while I do my work, as well as helps me focus. To me, this sound is so pleasing, and the second I turn it on, I can feel myself relax almost instantly.

  By far my favorite rain sound I've heard. I've never been camping, but I love how comforting it is to feel like I'm safe inside while the rain comes down.

  It helps me so much to sleep, thanks. Orora.

  I have PTSD, and the rain on a tent really calms me during flashbacks. I love it <3

  This feels very close to what I feel sounds like a storm from the inside of a house, just as I'm looking outside to check on the storm through a window.

  This website is so lovely! White noise always helps me to be able to concentrate. I love it.

  Thanks for this site and keeping it up for us for free! I have a newborn son who was born with a kidney defect, requiring him to be on a med that causes sleeplessness. We found "Rain On a Tent" and putting him in a bouncy seat next to the speakers is perfect for sleep! Now he sleeps for two hours at a time, versus 20 minutes! Many thanks for giving me back a better night's sleep! You're my hero!

  Thank you for running this website, it helps me concentrate while doing my homework.

  I love how your program can create noises from nothing! Your website really helps me with concentration, and doing my homework!

  I love it! I put my headphones on and I am able to concentrate on my homework better!

  I have always been calmed by loud, large raindrops and I am so glad I can customize the sound to be exactly what I want to hear.

  For first few seconds you, sir, totally tricked my brain on "distant thunder" setting. Amazing sound engineering. My headphones are not even that good, you know...

  I dunno why but listening to white noises always calmed me down. Made me feel quite drowsy, and as a kid, helped me sleep considerably better. Now, when I listen to them, I feel more productive, ecstatic, and helps me to go to sleep if I have some insomnia nights.

  Living in SoCal I rarely get to hear rain like this, which is unfortunate because it's my favorite thing to listen to. I love to have this playing in the background as I read or listen to music. It reminds me of a school trip I took to Yosemite as a high school freshman... it rained the whole trip long and it was absolutely wonderful!

  This reminds me so much of going camping with my old Boy Scout troop. So relaxing, thank you.

  The wind blows softly and the distant sound of thunder sooths you to sleep.

  It reminds me of a camping trip I went to with my school. It was such an amazing trip! It rained the whole night, it was so relaxing.

  I go to camp for 2 weeks every summer in a tent, and the sound of rain falling on the tent always seemed to relax me. Now I am able to have that same relaxation, and I can block out other distracting sounds. With this, I am able to get so much more work done is less time, and I am more focused on things. As a person who is very easily distracted, this is a great alternative to music with lyrics.

  I can always count on this to concentrate for school work, or simply winding down for a good night's sleep. The nostalgia is also always good for being reminded of how cozy a nice sprinkle is while I have a low fire going with some distant classical music on a cold night.

  This reminds me of the days I went camping as a kid. Really beautiful memory, and this made me feel like I was there again.

  This mixes fantastically with New Years Day's "Hello Darkness" with the volume set low. This whole website is beautifully made and I love it.

  This plus Crystal Waters has been the best thing to happen to my schoolwork. I have such a hard time concentrating and myNoise has helped me block out my distractions and catch up on all my school work!

  This plus Distant Thunder with the Thunder levels cranked up hides my tinnitus and is wonderfully relaxing. Add Aeternitas in the background and I'm good to concentrate for hours <3

  My favourite noise in the world is the sound of rain on top of an umbrella and this is able to recreate that so beautifully. The generators on this site really are quite incredible.

  This reminds me of a calm, soothing night spent camping.

  As the cold, wet and shivering rain steadily falls in sheets outside the tent where the members of the Kidz Tunz Chorus are camping out, inside the tent it's all comfy\cozy as board games and card games are just beginning, marshmallows are being roasted for s'mores, and laughing is heard as jokes are shared.

  The generator is very nice. What I find unique, is the animate feature. I've found that other rain generators tend to have a really even, static sound, which isn't really realistic. I like my rain to get stronger and weaker as time goes on, which this generator does perfectly. It's extremely realistic and soothing.

  This website is really nice, I just like to listen to it because rain relaxes me so. I love "rain on a tent" so much and wanted to share my settings with all of you lovely people xxx

  When I get stressed out I get really anxious, and the sound of rain and thunder always helps me calm down, so thank you! ^.^

  I am back by an open door on my grandma's home, listening to the thunder coming from the other side of the mountain, the sound of the rain falling on the trees of the forest. The noise the rain made when falling on the plastic covers at the end of the balcony, and the huge drops falling on my umbrella, as I just stand there with no worries. But it makes me so, so sad on how long ago it was.

  I'm normally fairly good at focusing, but I was struggling with concentrating long enough on Shakespeare at home to really comprehend it. All of the generators on this site, but particularly Rain on a Tent and Fire, help me slow down and relax enough to understand the more complex concepts behind the words without taking forever to do it - and requiring Internet assistance anyway.

  I grew up near the highway, so my sleep was accompanied by the constant rumble of traffic. Now I live in a smaller city, and I have trouble sleeping in almost complete silence. I decided to try different noise generators and Rain on a Tent works best for me!

  The most natural reproduction I have ever heard. It actually sounds more real than real rain.

  This and Distant Thunder help me focus so much. I love camping it's where I'm most at peace so it just puts me at ease when I'm trying to get things done.

  I love this generator, it's so calming and gives a really comforting feeling of being protected under a tent, huddled up and warm against cool rain. It's nice to get me to relax and take some of the edge off of my anxiety disorders.

  I love the sound of rain. I was not a big fan of the tent so, I picked steady rain. This was perfect. I am glad I found this website. :)

  I used this site to help me study, and I've just found it almost a year later after being diagnosed with depression and anxiety. This with The Fireplace and Three Friends of winter feels like I'm back in summer, camping with my favorite people. It helps a lot with my anxiety and depression. ♥

  I really like the preset "Rainy Day" + a highered base for thunder in the background. Greatly helps me to concentrate while studying.

  I have synaesthesia and whenever I wanna really feel something, I put this, and the distant thunder on plus music and it is like I'm in another world! It's a real ethereal experience!

  'Distant Thunder' and 'Rain on a Tent' and I'm a happy camper. Helps with my anxiety and depression. Thanks.

  When I was in army, many times in a tent rainy day. this sounds was my best friends with my squad. It makes me relax really. Really make me cry. I miss you all guys 700 special force 2 지역대 화이팅

  I spent a couple days in a noisy hospital and listening to this calmed me before my surgery, and was the only way I could sleep afterwards. It comforted me so much when I was scared and in pain. Thank you!

  I have tried many sound producers, and nothing gets me studying hard like this one. Thank you.

  This might be the perfect sound to study with. I love that you can use the sliders to create a customized version.

  I think this sounds a lot more realistic if you turn all of the "bass" sliders up, and everything else down. Makes it sound like you're in an enclosed tent.

  So calming. It feels like I'm camping again <3

  This is even better than in the actual rainy travel. I added to this Cave water + Jungle and it's absolutely beautiful. Thanks guys! Florin

  I deal with depression and anxiety, and when alone and in the silence, it can drive me to panic attacks. But ever since I started using this generator in particular, it has really helped with that. I keep it loud so that it drowns out most of the other, more unsettling noises. Thank you so, so much for making this.

  I'm thinking about become a patron just to get the mp3 of this sound. I've messing all day with the generators, and the Gray Noise and Coastline are awesome, but this is just brilliant. I suffer of anxiety attacks, and I'm sure this is going to help me a lot. Thank you so much for this website, Mr. Pigeon.

  The sound of rain on a tent has absolutely been one of my favourite noises in life. It's been a pleasure recreating that here, my sleep has been amazing as of late, thanks to this site.

  When I would go camping, I would actually look forward to it raining just to hear this sound.

  It's so good while studying! Helps a lot to relax and sleep well. I adore such a noise in the country, at summer nights.

  Listening to this with relaxing jazz makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

  This is my absolute favorite rain generator. I love how it has more of the individual drops and a deeper, more relaxing sound. Definitely good for calming down, and is pretty easy to mix with a lot of different natural noises depending on the atmosphere you're going for.

  A magnificent sound effect. Usually I have major difficulty sleeping (Being in high-school, that can mean some big trouble) but this helps me sleep, and it's very effective as well. Usually I select the "White" preset, as it reminds me of rain outside my apartment.

  Perfect for those restless nights in the city. Makes me remember my childhood home and all the nights we camped out in the back yard.

  Really my favorite generator they have to offer.

  This is one of my favorite noise generators here. It really helps me relax when my anxiety is acting up.

  There was a cicada supplying white noise outside my apartment, with this sounded so nice. I don't know if you have sounds of a cicada on your site, but perhaps you should consider it! It made me feel like I was in the forest on a rainy mid morning. A: Have a look at 'Summer Night'. Plenty of cicadas there!

  Awesome. If you play this with the paragliding generator, and the distant thunder generator, it sounds like your high in the mountains on a Portaledge that luckily had a tent cover. When suddenly heavy storm blew in...

  I've gone camping with my family for as long as I can remember. I've always loved it when it rained while we were inside the tent/pop-up camper. I just came back from a camp trip where it rained almost all weekend and this emulates it so well.

  Thank you for this. One of the best nights of my life was sleeping in a tent with my partner, while it was raining just like this, all night. Until the tent flooded. This sends me to a happy place and helps me sleep better. Thank you.

  Camping holidays in France as a kid, just inside the shelter waiting for rain to stop.

  I have been outside in the rain in a tent before and I can say that this sounds exactly like the real deal. I could close my eyes and not know the difference. It makes me feel like I'm at a camp!

  Usually the sound of rain and thunder triggers my anxiety and I can't focus. With this simulator I can enjoy the calming effects of the sound of rain without it being actually there and scaring me. I love the white rain set but this rain on a tent is the best: I imagine being protected from the real rain with the tent, and it's really relaxing and it helps me sleep or even focus on my writings.

  I love it so much!!!

  Haha, this is amazing. Thumbs up for the developers!

  Beautiful generator. I find myself glancing out the window every so often, just to be sure that it's not actually raining outside :D

  Tweaked the settings to match my G430 headphones, then closed my eyes and forgot that I was at the house. It sounded like the storms we sometimes get up here.

  Amazing, feels like a relaxing shower.

  Combined this with the same frequency on the rain sound and it sounds amazing. It's helping me study :)

  Amazing how sound can transport the mind to another place. This one brings me back to my many years of camping.

  This is exactly what a nightly rain shower sounds like when camping at Lago Maggiore in northern Italy...

  So good, all of them, but my preference goes to the so-called 'Pink' preset, that is a flat across the sliders, and where the animate can do the subtle changing.

  Amazing noise, feels like being in a real tent!!!

  This is probably my favorite generator! It makes me feel so nostalgic; I can smell rain around me and feel the cool chill from outside my imaginary slightly damp sleeping bag.

  I've suffered with anxiety for a long time now and rainstorms always help me calm down except here we don't get that many long, relaxing rainstorms. So this is really helpful at night when I am suffering from a random increase in anxiety. I love it so much I actually fall asleep to it.

  Rain might be one of the most calming sounds you can hear. It calms my anxiety and allows my mind to stay clear while I am doing school work. Great to be in my university library and imagine I am studying for a test with the rain in the background. No annoying sneezes or people talking. Just rain, my imagination, and focus. Its awesome.

  Sounds a bit like the rain on my tent during my summer holidays in Croatia, but without having to step into ankle-deep mud first thing in the morning, which is definitely a relaxing thought :)

  This is my favorite background noise so far - I like to use it as the base for SuperGenerator mixes. Gives me the feeling of being out in the middle of a forest during a storm, brings back a lot of fond camping memories.
Thank you for creating and maintaining such a lovely site. Sound can shift us, mentally and emotionally, and you have provided a wonderful range of tools to do just that.

  ← I just had to crank up the bass on this fascinating noise generator. I love the atmosphere those gentle, deep thunder rolls create.

  Even though I know I'm in my room and it's not raining, I still keep having to fight the urge to get up and check my bags aren't against the tent walls and that nothing's leaking. This is amazing.

  Incredibly soothing, it really helps me getting rid of my daily stress. Mixed with "Mr. Rhodes" generator, it is simply amazing!

  Finally! Now I don't have to run away from my wife and child any more! :D

  This is the rain generator I've always wanted! A favorite sound from my childhood.

  Finally a rain sound that I really enjoy. Avid hiker and camper, and the Rain on a Tent is really spot on! Thanks!

  Like always - amazing.

  Close your eyes and listen to the gentle rain as you huddle into the warmth of your sleeping bag.

  This is an awesome generator! My favorite setting so far is the "Distant Thunder" setting. It gives me such a cozy feeling while I'm in my room and while I write my stories!

  Yey! A new soundscape. I feel like a pioneer. It's wonderful, and the perfect thing for listening to when you're all cosy in bed. :-)

  Oh my gosh, it's finally here. The sound that I always try to emulate with every rain generator I find. It's perfect, simply perfect.

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