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The future as it may be...

While reviewing public domain radio broadcasts, I found inspiration in the visionary words of Aldous Huxley, as aired on CBS on January 27, 1956.

Take a couple of minutes to listen and discover the plot behind Brave New World. Like all the music published on myNoise, this generator is meant for passive listening. It will be slightly harder to achieve with the spoken words at first, but that's intentional. Mr. Huxley has an important message to pass on to us, after all! As the voice-over track loops, your brain will retire it to the background and, in doing so, divert focus from actual conversations taking place around you. Your dose of soma a la sound, in short.

You will soon be conditioned to work by the sound of myNoise...

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  This is a great track for when your ADHD mind needs to get a little distracted so you can get other things done.

  The voice over may seem distracting at first but quickly fades into background noise like the other sounds. Very chill vibes.

  I am just "speechless".

  The world as it is rapidly becoming. A fitting homage to one of the greatest minds ever to have lived.

  May this magnificent generator make it into being part of the soundtrack for an upcoming movie version of Huxley's book.

  A brave sound scheme for a not so brave new world... L@z

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