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Celestial Tune, Part 2

This piano composition is inspired by our universe. The music starts with a giant chord that represents the Big Bang, or the Original Intention if you prefer. Just as the Big Bang contained the matter and energy to create our entire universe, this chord contains all the notes this composition needs. As time passes, the chord becomes arpeggio, then melody, then detached notes, so as to reflect the expansion of our universe. As you listen, imagine planets rotating around their suns. As they revolve, they constantly move away from you, then come back half a cycle later. Departures followed by returns. Questions and answers. This simple alternance serves as the main structure of this piece.

My piano is a delight to play when it has just been tuned. Individual notes sound pure and have a beauty on their own. They invite the player to get lost in the timbre, not the music. A recent tuning inspired me to play just notes, and create this sound generator. The notes that have been used are borrowed from the Aeolian mode (also known as the natural minor scale). This mode is described as dark and sad. Every time you reload this generator, you create a new instance: a new universe, if you like, but one that uses the same ingredients, the same set of notes. If you want to change the mood, switch to the Ionian Universe

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  This is truly remarkable - with your engine it takes these notes to a higher and higher plane and complexity of sound. Very good job!

  I really enjoy both the Aeolian and Ionian played together, it constantly resolves and prepares, shifting between minor and major seamlessly.

  The best so far.

  Thank you for the chance to get lost in these new universes!

  I get lost in this one. I've always loved the music of George Winston, and this rather reminds me of his work. I keep forgetting I have it on today... it just melts into the background.

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