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The sound of Belgian woods... on race day!

These are not just any woods though, but those located around Spa-Francorchamps, the Belgian area that hosts one of the most picturesque race circuits in the world. Remember, we've been there already, last year. We are back - this time for a GT race. GT cars are more varied compared to Formula cars and so are the sounds they produce. A warning: you may hear a few birds chirping in the background. I decided not to filter them out since these are an integral part of the Spa-Francorchamps experience!

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  This is the absolute best. Sleep... work... just relaxing doing nothing at all. Who would have thought that the sounds of roaring engines flying by at break neck speeds could be so soothing? What you've put together here is nothing short of amazing. Thank you!

 My goodness. I just discovered how to create formula one masters by increasing the tape speed.

 Combine this gentle ambiance curve with your favorite setting on Car Interior! You will not be disappointed!

 This is BY FAR the best noise maker. The sounds of the passing cars are so high quality and so relaxing.

 Honestly, one of my favourite noise generators. I'm primarily a F1 fan, but there is a certain beauty which comes with the sound of the GT and Endurance series cars. No idea if it assists with my studies, but I no longer care when I have a V8 popping in my ear.

 This is one of my favorites, when I'm at work to keep me... on track^^

 This is one of my fav generators. It's incredibly well done.

 Man and machine become one! On this track one mistake, one fouled up gear change and you're done. Listen close to men controlling metal beasts around snaking track. Listen in wonder as thousands of pounds of metal go screaming down a strip of tarmac as gracefully as a butterfly in the breeze.

 When it comes to focusing on a tough problem these background soundtracks allow me to focus in a noisy active workplace. The GT Masters race is the top background sound for me; I would vote for a motocross background to try.

 I love cars, and racing, there's something about the vicious but almost sensual roar these high performance cars give that puts me in a sort of excited, but comfortable calm. If you've ever seen a GT race it's wonderful to imagine the precision and finess along with the sounds in this generator. I think this is my new favorite themed generator, would recommend to any car enthusiasts here.

 Honestly, this is nice! A perfect alternative to music that doesn't require your attention, but sets the mood for Simulators. Make me feel "at home".


 Love the sound. Really gets you pumped.

 Absolutely brilliant!

 During the weekends I work at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I've become accustomed to the sound of the cars while I read, study or do homework. When I'm not there and studying in the library at school this really helps me focus, especially with my ADHD! Thank Goodness for this site!

 It just reminds me my favourite animation: Initial-D! Love this sound, feeling like gearing up in the track!

 Reminds me of the awesome Road America! My new favorite sound!!

 I'm not a racing fan, but I love this. It's oddly comforting to me since I'm so used to living in really loud places.


 I hear a Audi R8 (Or similar V10). I think I also hear a BMW Z4 (V8 engine) and a Merc SLS (Low V8 sound).

 I can't help but to follow the sound of the cars in my surround sound headphones with my eyes, this is awesome!

 This one is exciting to listen to - you can hear the power of those engines.

 It helps me relax and get clam. I really like the sound of the engines of the cars as they come by. It sounds really and it feels like I see them coming by and come in really fast and as slow down in corner.

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