myNoise® for Android
The Ultimate Background Noise App

We like to think the myNoise App is fairly simple to use. If you believe otherwise, or have great ideas that we seem to have skipped, please share them with us! – @NSMustache (Twitter)

First Startup

The myNoise app uses the first startup as an opportunity to optimize itself for your device. Once myNoise has performed its internal magic, you will be greeted with the main interface.

Navigating the app

Tap the (hamburger) menu on the top left and reveal the navigation pane of the app.

The three main sections accessed from the top left menu.

'My Noises' is where you'll find all the sound generators that have been installed on your mobile.

'Downloads' is where you will be able to dowload additional contents to your mobile

The 'More' screen, and its additional items

Searches can be performed in the 'My Noise' section

...as well as in the 'Downloads' section

One generator among others (Warp Speed)

Our free Rain Noise

Calibrated generators offer precise frequency presets

And various other presets under the Scene tab

Tapping the little heart icon...

will offer the option to save your setting as a user favorite

And here is your favorite now!

If you move a slider, your favorite is gone...

But still accessible under the 'My Noises' preset section