myNoise® for Android
The Ultimate Background Noise App

Our website has an App - not the opposite. If you haven't heard about myNoise.net yet, please give the original website a try. If you like our noise generators, and want to use them on the go without worrying about connectivity, the App is definitely what you need!


Does the app still work in the background when other audio apps are running? Yes it does. This means you will be able to enjoy Android's build-in Music app and myNoise simultaneously, or have our noise machines playing in the background while listening to your favorite audio book.

Help, I cannot stop the audio from playing anymore. Even when I quit the myNoise App! Indeed, the myNoise App has been designed to play in the background. It's a request from many users. To make it stop playing, locate the tiny myNoise notification icon on the top left corner of your Android device screen, pull down to select, then press stop.

IAP (In App Purchases)

I purchased a few of the extra sounds and when I switched to a new Android phone, they were all gone! You can restore your previous purchases at no cost. In the settings screen, simply select the "Restore all your previous purchases" item. The myNoise App will connect to Google Play and restore all your purchases. You will then be able to download them from the Downloads screen at no cost.

Do you link donations on the website and In App purchases, and the other way round? No we don't. What you are requesting, is a universal access across platforms (iOS, Android, Web). Offering a universal accesses is possible, but often associated with subscription services. myNoise works with one time, lifetime purchases/donations instead: you pay only once for the platform of your choice. Don't be mad. Since myNoise is very attractively priced, paying for all supported platforms, will still end up in a cheaper alternative than any subscription.

10 bucks for the entire set of generators, that's a lot of money! Really? If you simply download your favorite ones, that's USD 0.99 each. For 5 bucks - the equivalent of your Starbucks Coffee - you can build yourself a nice 5-piece set. If you like them all, USD 9.99 sounds like a super deal: there are over 120 generators available, with new ones added every week! 10 bucks is the price I paid for my first vinyl, when I was a student. It's like paying for an audio album, and being granted access to all future releases of that same artist! If you still find these noises expensive, maybe you did not realize how complex each generator is - it could be almost an app in itself.

Why do generators newly added to the website, not show up in the App 'Downloads' section? Because sometimes, we are slow to turn a new sound generator into an IAP ;-) Plus, they need to pass the store reviewing process, which typically takes a couple of days to complete. Only then, new generators will appear in the myNoise App Download list. There is an exception though for people who purchased the "All You Can Hear" package; they will enjoy the new generators as soon as they are published on the website!